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How do I make a hotel or resort booking on ShareTrip?

Here's a quick and easy guide to get you started:

Head to Hotels: Start by clicking the[ "Hotels" tab]( on the ShareTrip homepage.

Select Destination and Duration: Enter your desired destination city or hotel name and your preferred travel dates.

Search & Explore Click the "Search Hotels" button to see a list of available hotels for your chosen dates.

Find Your Perfect Room: Browse the hotel options. You can click "Show Details" on any hotel to get a full description and photos. Once you find a good fit, choose your desired room type from the available options.

Almost There! Click the "Reserve" button for your chosen room. This will take you to the secure booking page.

Fill in the Details: On the booking page, double-check your details and fill in any missing information.

Select Payment Method: Finally, choose your payment method (Use ST Pay, card or Mobile Financial Service - MFS) and complete your purchase.

Congratulations! You've successfully booked your hotel stay on ShareTrip. Now you can relax and look forward to your trip!

Ready to explore? Head over to the ShareTrip Hotels page to start searching.

Updated on: 29/04/2024

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