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Can you provide the room rates per person or room-wise on ShareTrip?

ShareTrip shows room rates for the entire room, not per person. But don't worry, figuring out your individual cost is simple!

Here's what to do:

Find the total room rate: This will be displayed clearly on the booking and search result page.

Divide the total rate by the number of guests: This gives you an approximate cost per person.


You find a room for ৳2,000 per night that accommodates 2 guests.

Estimated Cost per Person:

Divide the total rate (৳2,000) by the number of guests (2).
In this case, the estimated cost per person per night would be ৳1,000.

Important Notes:

This is an estimate! Some hotels might have additional charges for extra guests, increasing the actual cost per person.
Always check the room description for any occupancy fees or limitations before booking.

Tips for Smooth Booking:

Use the "number of guests" filter to find rooms that fit your group.
Consider contacting ShareTrip to confirm the total price for your desired number of guests

By following these steps, you can easily calculate the cost per person on ShareTrip and avoid any surprises during your stay!

Updated on: 29/04/2024

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